The Communication Framework


1. Pay Attention


2. Understand and Remember it


3. Agree/Believe


4. Care


5. Be Able to Act On It




No one is listening to me
They seem bored
They've heard it all before

Surprise them by breaking their guessing machine

I lost them half way through
Their attention was wavering near the end

Create curiosity gaps. Tell people just enough so they realize what is missing from their knowledge. ex. Roone Arledge WWofSports
Create mysteries or puzzles that are solved

They always nod their heads but it never seems to translate into action
Make the message simpler, use concrete language. Use what people already know to make your intentions clearer.
Use concrete real world examples

Everyone is talking past each other in meetings
Different knowledge levels of participants

Create a highly concrete turf where people can apply their knowledge -

People aren't buying your message
Use fewer authorities
Use anti-authority figures.